With a full production team, Lukas One is able to build, deliver and assemble your displays wherever you need.  Whether you are participating at a local event or need labour services across the globe, rest assured that Lukas One can get the job done.  

Having worked on projects both locally and internationally, the team at Lukas One is familiar with scheduling, transporting, assembling and dismantling almost any type of display.   Why stress about specific show requirements and installation & dismantle headaches when our crew can take the worry off your shoulders and get the job done.  

Coming to a local show with your own display?  Contact us to arrange installation and dismantle services and upon request, we would be happy to also accept your shipment prior to show date and take care of transportation to and from the show site.  Providing full turnkey solutions is what we do best!

With a full in house production facility, we not only get things done, but we get them done on time!  The ability to monitor all projects in house allows us to shift priorities when needed so we can ensure your project is delivered to you on time, every time.  All projects are fabricated and set up in our warehouse for final testing prior to sending to the event site.  This allows us to deal with any unexpected challenges in our warehouse before the completed project gets to you, our client.

Fabrication processes used in our facility include:



          3D Custom Printing (on various different substrates)

          Octanorm Display Building

Depending on the needs of our clients, we are able to build both modular displays that can be taken apart easily and packed for shipping as well as larger custom displays that are meant to be static for long periods of time.  Whatever the needs, Lukas One can deliver.  For more information or to see if we can help you with your idea, give us a call at 604-850-4108.  Be sure to check out our portfolio!




Most often, clients have a defined budget and an idea of what they are looking to achieve. How they will achieve the desired results is where we come in.  Recognizing that each client's brand is unique, we work with you to develop strategies that will promote your brand and provide the best results within the given parameters.  Consultation also provides clients with the understanding of all options available to them.  You may have researched online and decided on what you think is the best option for your upcoming event.  However, during the consultation process, you may be advised of an alternative, more feasible and attractive solution for your needs.  

Consultation also allows clients to get a complete idea of all that will be involved in their project.  This process also allows our team to get  a thorough understanding of all your requirements so we can ensure we are working on the same page from the very beginning.  

Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment for your next big event!



Design is what makes your display stand out.  Whether it's a backdrop for a tradeshow, a full 20' x 20' exhibit space, a POS display or a full outdoor event configuration, our design team will get you noticed.  Design is important not only for graphics, but also for the display itself. Having an awkward or unwelcoming configuration or using materials that don't work for your brand will make you stand out, but for all the wrong reasons.

In reality, you have about 3 seconds to get someone's attention; why not create a display that not only catches their attention, but also invites them in to you space so you can talk about your business.  Let our team help create an environment that is attractive, appealing and allows for the opportunity to discuss business.